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USA: Caesars to open new casino in New York
New York could soon be richer by another casino, as Caesars is planning to build a new casino in the heart of New York. Not only gambling fans should be happy about this, but Caesars also expects the new casino to boost the economy in the surrounding area. The gambling company also advertises that many new employees will be hired, who can expect a high salary.

Caesars steps up with strong partner

The construction of a new casino in the middle of New York, on the corner of Times Square and Broadway, entails considerable costs. Such an undertaking is not something that Caesars can do on its own, which is why this gaming company is working with SL Green Realty Corp. This is a company that owns numerous commercial properties in Manhattan, which it leases and manages. According to official reports, SL Green Realty Corp. owns 62 properties with a total area of 10 million square meters.

Together with Caesars, the two have set a big goal: According to a Caesars press release, New York is still suffering from the effects of the Corona pandemic. The opening of the planned casino is intended to boost the entire area from an economic perspective. This will succeed, for example, as many workers will be needed to run the luxurious casino with all its offerings. In addition, Caesars and SL Green Realty Corp. hope that the surrounding stores, restaurants and hotels will also benefit from the new casino. In general, it is hoped that the number of tourists will increase.

New traffic concept planned

The idea of boosting the economy via a new casino resort is by no means unusual and is on the agenda for almost every new casino. With regard to the new planning in New York, it goes one step further: a new traffic concept is to be planned that includes both motorists and pedestrians. Thus, the focus is on improving mass transit, reducing congestion and increasing pedestrian safety. All of this is intended to support the incumbent mayor in his efforts.

None of this is happening by any means by accident. Rather, Caesars has been convinced of New York for quite some time and is considered one of the largest sports betting providers in this city. Moreover, the well-known gambling company has been investing in restaurants and entertainment businesses in New York for quite some time. For this reason, Caesars is already enjoying a good stand, which will make it much easier to integrate a casino in Times Square. To accomplish this, Caesars has more ideas in store.

Casino to include theater

The gambling company doesn’t just want to attract gambling operators. The offer is to be made more extensive and also offer a theater. According to Caesars, this theater could be used for the musical “The Lion King,” among other things. At the same time, the entire Caesars range of entertainment and culinary delights is finally to be brought to New York. This has been provided by Caesars in other countries for more than 50 years and is finally to arrive in New York. The current CEO of SL Green is convinced that Caesars will be well received in New York.

This is also ensured by the fact that no new building will have to be created. Rather, the planned casino will be housed in an existing building, which is why the exterior of the area will not change. Only the interior will be renovated. Therefore, SL Green is sure that it will not be difficult to obtain a license for the casino. Furthermore, a few establishments have already made a public statement, clearly indicating that Caesars is welcome in New York.

Casino to become a 5-star project

In order to guarantee success from the very beginning, the casino is to be a 5-star project. However, what gamblers can look forward to and what it will look like inside has not been revealed so far. In this regard, gambling fans will have to be patient for a while. However, those who know the gambling company know exactly what to expect. At the same time, SL Green assumes that the opening will happen relatively quickly after the license is granted. This is associated with the hope that the currently struggling economic situation will also change quickly. Of course, the state will also benefit from a quick opening, as tax revenues will increase.


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